Friday, November 6, 2015

Confessions of a Blogaholic

My love for blogging started a couple of years ago. I stumbled upon a page of a picture of beautiful pictures of re-purposed furniture, a cute stories about family  and a mom's Love of for all things vintage. I believe I was looking for pictures to get  ideas  to decorate my daughters room. The found a blog post about a door being re-purposed into a daybed on  And this was my introduction to blogging. I must Confess my Love for Blogging Started as a Reader.

I have found many blogs that I love and as I have grown and evolved in my life, my business and as a person in general my blog love evolved. I have a variety of blogs that I follow, the majority are related to my passion which is sewing. Even with that in mind I have grown from blogs that have tutorials, favorite patterns to specific blogs that teach. I love to learn and grow in my craft but I also love to find blogs that are multifaceted that include content relative to all the roles a play in my life mom, wife, entrepreneur and someone who loves to learn.


Monday, March 2, 2015

First Attempt: DIY Highwaisted Pants

I did it!!!! Yay me I conquered the journey of pants. I completed and wore my first pair of pants, and yes I am so proud of them. Thanks to Jenese Johnson with Needlesandfashion.blogspot and her Awesome Tutorial on her Youtube channel she rocks...


Pattern used was Mccalls 6756 drafted into pants. The tutorial teaches to draft a wide leg pant, I was a little nervous and ended up not making the leg wide enough. The pattern itself was pretty good fit, however I did make a few adjustments in the inseam I removed 5/8" from the inseam of both front and back pattern and tapered in the side seam...I am still learning to fit and figuring which changes to make. I have a few kinks to work out but I am extremely excited to completed this pair. Ready to get started on my next pair...