Friday, November 6, 2015

Confessions of a Blogaholic

My love for blogging started a couple of years ago. I stumbled upon a page of a picture of beautiful pictures of re-purposed furniture, a cute stories about family  and a mom's Love of for all things vintage. I believe I was looking for pictures to get  ideas  to decorate my daughters room. The found a blog post about a door being re-purposed into a daybed on  And this was my introduction to blogging. I must Confess my Love for Blogging Started as a Reader.

I have found many blogs that I love and as I have grown and evolved in my life, my business and as a person in general my blog love evolved. I have a variety of blogs that I follow, the majority are related to my passion which is sewing. Even with that in mind I have grown from blogs that have tutorials, favorite patterns to specific blogs that teach. I love to learn and grow in my craft but I also love to find blogs that are multifaceted that include content relative to all the roles a play in my life mom, wife, entrepreneur and someone who loves to learn.