Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Moving Forward!!!!

February has proven to be a very busy month filled with birthdays, Mardi Gras, food, Fun,pattern sales,  monogramming and Sewing!!!! My twins turned the Big 9 on the seventh and my Daughter has just made 13 on the second yes. Having three birthdays so close makes celebrating a little tricky, with the age difference and the girls out numbering the boys juggling a fair celebration as you can imagine poses many disagreements. But luckily for me if no other time agreeing on where to have a celebratory dinner is quite an easy decision. My family and I Love Seafood so when asking where to go for dinner there is only one place even one agrees on the pot "The Boiling Pot" where the best of the best Seafood Po boys are made. Everyone enjoyed even the none celebrants. After catching a few throws at the Mardi Gras or as we say here in the south the BOOM BOOM, and a little shopping at the mall we finished the day with a good dinner, laughs and time together. Wanted to share some family fun with you, will be back soon to show some of my latest completed sewing projects  and future projects.

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